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Happy Friday

A meme to reflect over the week and think about what you have to be happy about. I’m happy for a nice cozy and warm home. A loving wife, two children, three grandchildren, two dogs, a cat and beta fish.

I have good friends that meet once a month to discuss our writing in Writers2writers, and men from my church that have lunch every Thursday.

I’m happy that I’m in the final stages of publishing Stephanus, my sequel to Optimus: Praetorian Guard. Considering I started writing Optimus in 1994, finished in 2004, published it in 2006 and it’s taken me 13 years to put the sequel together it amounts to my life work.

Sammie is the terrier and Bandit is the Chihuahua.


Published by jtenebrae

Retired teacher now spending time writing and reading.

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