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Wednesday Challenge

My goals for 2020:

1. Finish proofreading Stephanus and get self published.
2. I’m working on a sci-fi story, tentatively titled A Private Pain.
3. Continue reading as many books as I can off of Amazon’s unlimited. 
4. Try to get through my TBR list while keep adding more to it.
5. Build up Writers2writers reading group. Right now we’re running from four to six attending. We’re starting to share what we’re working on and getting feed back. Next month we’re going for two hours instead of one for the meeting time.
6. Try to keep up with TTT and Wednesday challenge. I enjoy the comradery of both groups.

My Sci-fi book about marketing the first flying car. At Amazon for only .99 and on unlimited.


Published by jtenebrae

Retired teacher now spending time writing and reading.

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