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Review: When We Believed in Mermaids.

Warning this is a three hankie story. It’s told by two sisters both in first person. The basic plot is that Kit and her mother see Josie on a news cast from New Zealand where there was a nightclub fire. They believed her dead. The mother convinces Kit to travel from California to Auckland toContinue reading “Review: When We Believed in Mermaids.”

Recently read books Irreparable Harm by Melissa F Miller. This is the first book in a legal thriller series with Sasha McCandless. She’s half Russian and Irish, five foot even and weighs a hundred pounds of Krav Maga trained dynomite. She also works at a prestegious law firm in Philidelphia and is assigned to defendContinue reading

First Line Friday

“Battering ram! Don’t fail me now!” Optimus raised his fist punching the wall above his head. The girl beside him stroked his broad shoulders kissing him passionately. There was no response. In frustration he looked at the woman it took a night’s gambling to bed: pale blonde hair—real blonde, not dyed. Like spider silk whenContinue reading “First Line Friday”

CH: English History

This is an ambitious book covering the history of England from pre-history to the end of WWII. This condenses down all aspects of the time covered making it too general and vague. Major parts of English history are skipped entirely. The Celtic Britons are barely mentioned. Romanization is mentioned and the devastation of the SaxonContinue reading “CH: English History”