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On Writing by Stephen King

The first part of the book is about Steven King becoming a writer and what it took to become successful. I admire the tenacity it took to accomplish getting published. A wonderful rags to riches story. He gave insight into the process of inspiration.
The second part of the book is full of good sound advice. Surprisingly, since I’ve never read this book, I recognized certain parts. Then it dawned on me that back when I was trying to find a publisher for Optimus: Praetorian Guard I bought a few Writer’s Digests and other books listing publisher’s addresses and editors. There were always articles on writing and Steven King usually had one in them. I particularly remember his admonition no to do “Tom Swifly’s” and stay with he said, or she said when ending quotes.
If you’re wanting to be a serious writer this is a good book to have. I’m not going to summarize his advice. I found it useful and hope it will be so for my daughter. 


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Retired teacher now spending time writing and reading.

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